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Join us on Thursday, May 6 at 11:30am for a FREE special two-part Facebook Live event: Lunch Break With The Village!
PART ONE (11:30am-12:00pm): Parenting During COVID: Tips to Keep Calm at Home with guests Lesa Lovelace, Village Child First Clinician and Mackenzie Christopherson, Village Child First Care Coordinator.
- What is normal anxiety in children during this pandemic?
- What can parents do to help children through and during transitions?
- What does parental stress look like?
- How can parents build support systems during this uncertain time?
PART TWO (12:00-12:30pm): The Benefits of Integrated Care for Your Family with guest Amy Signore, Village/CCMC Psychologist and Dr. Robert Keder, M.D.
- How do pediatricians work with families to treat the whole child?
- What is the difference between integrated care and traditional outpatient behavioral health care?
- How does the integrated care team approach affect your patients?
- What are some tips for talk to health care providers about child(ren)’s mental health needs and concerns?
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